We find ways to say yes when others say no.

With over 50 years in the mortgage industry we’ve seen just about everything.
So whether you’re considering a purchase or refinance, or you’re a realtor looking for a seasoned mortgage company with strong pre-approval’s, we’re your advocate!

We close loans!

Lending Concepts closes over 95% of our pre-approved loans. We utilize in-house processing which means your loan is both approved and funded locally. This allows us to be more flexible which results in faster and more efficient processing and our exceptional rate of mortgages funded.

We provide powerful Pre-Approval Letters

When a buyer is pre approved, the process allows the buyer to be confident they will qualify for the purchase amount they are pre approved for and the pre approval should make their offer stronger in the eyes of the seller.

We Empower Realtors

We understand that timelines are a Realtor’s best friend and worst enemy. So it’s important that you can rely on the strength of your buyer’s pre approval letter. We close 95%+ of our mortgage loans because our pre approval letters are verified and also approved by our Desktop underwriter.

What It’s Like Working With Us

“Lending Concepts is one of most customer oriented loan companies I’ve ever worked with. Their loans fund on time and often early, allowing escrow to close on or before the closing date. The dedication to their clients is unsurpassed, always available to field loan questions by phone, email or text – even on weekends.” – Joel Mazmanian, Realtor

“As an agent, their support for my latest transaction was second to none. They supplied me with everything I could ever need to close the sale. Regular and timely status reports kept my client and me up to date on the progress of the loan from the initial application to the final closing. They are simply phenomenal!” – Kirby Smith, Realtor

“Working with Lending Concepts has been nothing but the epitome of professionalism, diligence, knowledge, and service. They put their clients first and will do whatever it takes to help my clients find their best option to purchase a home. I highly recommend anyone considering a purchase or refinance to work with Lending Concepts. They are a valuable service right at your fingertips to count on for years and years to come. “

– Summer Quick, Realtor

“Lending Concepts went above and beyond to help me close my Loan even when it seemed impossible. Thank you.”  – Ms. Irene Avila


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